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GRECO Law Company

As the leading law firm in Ukraine in this field, we are an “attacking forward”, actively and aggressively defending justice and focused exclusively on plaintiffs and on representing their interests within the framework of class actions in lawsuits in the fields of environmental law, consumer protection, financial services and construction. In particular we are also focused on protecting and promoting the rights and interests of the citizens of Ukraine who are victims and temporarily displaced persons or refugees as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation

Hundreds, thousands and sometimes even millions of people have their rights violated from similar or identical violations , such as armed aggression, humanitarian and environmental disasters, violations of the rights of consumers and inadequate provision of services, including financial services. In such a case, the tool for protecting the rights of people who have experienced a similar or identical violation of their rights as a result of illegal actions or inactions of certain persons becomes the most effective and efficient mechanism for restoring violated rights

To restore the violated rights, the GRECO Law Company company uses all available methods to ensure a just resolution at national and international level

GRECO Law Company believes that justice should be paramount in modern Ukrainian society, and the rights of every citizen should be respected, truly provided for and be given the highest value by our country

For this purpose, the GRECO Law Company team believes that it is necessary to go into a legal “attack” without being in a long legal “defense” or waiting

GRECO Law Company’s team is proud of the successful implementation of the first two collective lawsuits in the history of Ukraine, and the compensation for violated rights that has helped to restore the damage caused to victims

The approach, purpose and principles of GRECO Law Company’s activity are of particular value and relevance in the conditions of mass violation of the rights of Ukrainians as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation

The GRECO Law Company pioneered the use of class action lawsuits in Ukraine and has unrivalled success in this field