GRECO PRACTICE AREAS is the first and leading law firm in Ukraine advising clients in the specialist field of environmental, natural resources and energy law

About us

GRECO brings together expert and highly-qualified professional lawyers with a deep commitment to, and understanding of, this complex and ever-changing sector.

We are proud of GRECO’s environmental leadership in Ukraine as the country’s foremost centre of advocacy for ecology and energy law.

Our purpose is to provide our clients with the most effective and strategically successful private legal representation. We do not seek or reply upon donor grant funding; rather, in some projects, GRECO acts as a donor, or performs pro bono work for public good.


GRECO represents the interests of its clients in courts of all jurisdictions and instances throughout Ukraine, and when appropriate in overseas jurisdictions in which international law and Ukrainian court judgments can be applied.

Criminal Justice

GRECO successfully represents clients’ interests in all criminal matters before the Ukrainian courts, and is also able to exercise rights of audience in international criminal tribunals to which Ukraine is a party.

Industrial ecology

GRECO law company provides legal support for industrial and manufacturing enterprises to comply with their obligations under Ukrainian and international law relating to the environment.

Class action

GRECO is a pioneer of class actions in Ukraine, and is the only company to have successfully pursued a class action under the relatively new Ukrainian legislation relating to this form of lawsuit. We are the law firm of choice for plaintiffs seeking to claim damages for violations in Ukraine of environmental and consumer protection law.

European integration

Through its presence in Brussels, GRECO advises clients on European Union legislation and regulation, especially as it relates to the environment and consumer protection, and assists clients in adopting EU environmental legal norms in anticipation of greater integration and legal harmonisation between Ukraine and the EU.

Our Team

GRECO – Law Company Team



Managing partner

Lawyer since 2004. Specialisation: legal support of environmental investment projects…

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Oleh has more than 25 years of experience as a lawyer, including more than 15 years in…

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Doctor of Law, Professor of Taras Shevchenko National University, expert in public law…

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