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class action

The GRECO Law Company team brings together highly qualified, versatile and experienced professionals in the field of law, the financial sector and digital technologies

A class action lawsuit is usually initiated before the court in cases where there is a large group of individuals who have simultaneously suffered from a similar or identical violation of their rights. The pursuit of a class action saves time and money, because instead of launching thousands of similar legal actions, the court resolves one dispute, in which the party or parties responsible for the violation of rights are presented with a collective claim from a many plaintiffs

An important feature of a class action lawsuit is that the interests of the victims are represented by one person, usually a non-governmental public organization, which unites the victims and speaks and acts on their behalf

GRECO Law Company is the first law firm in Ukraine that specializes in supporting class action lawsuits

Today, as Ukraine bravely fight back against the Russian Federation’s unprovoked military aggression, every citizen of Ukraine must be protected and must be able to access justice for the violations of their rights


GRECO Law Company provides a full range of services for supporting class action lawsuits, which includes:

1. Efficiency of justice and procedural economy

Instead of thousands or tens of thousands of individual separate lawsuits, one class action lawsuit is filed, which aims to restore the violated rights of all persons in the relevant group. The simultaneous consideration of many similar cases makes justice work more efficiently

2. Access to justice

Joining a class action lawsuit is much simpler than initiating and conducting a case individually. Conducting a class action lawsuit is carried out by its initiator (for example, a civil society organisation), and not by the injured person. The injured person only needs to join the relevant lawsuit

3. Financial savings

Victims who join a class action lawsuit, as a rule, do not bear court costs or bear them in a much smaller amount than they would if they had launched the case individually

4. Quality of justice

Taking into account the significant volume of victims and, as a result, the significant size of the stated claims, class action lawsuits have a great public resonance and require especially careful and high-quality judicial proceedings from judges. The risk of a judicial error or extra-procedural impact on the court is significantly reduced

5. The inevitability of the responsibility of guilty persons

The civil legal consequences of the violation of the rights of the injured persons in the form of recovery of the caused damage (both property and non-property) are the main feature of class action lawsuits

Class action lawsuits provide rights’ violators with a real picture of the consequences of their illegal activities and, given the significant size of the claims for compensation for the caused damage, persuade them to eliminate any further violation of the rights of the victims and pay compensation, including through the conclusion of out-of-court settlement agreements

6. Social responsibility and justice

The practical threat of filing class action lawsuits changes the behaviour of potential defendants, and stimulates businesses to use the best available technologies, to actively eliminate possible problems and be more responsible towards citizens and the surrounding natural environment, which promotes social cohesion and helps to restore justice in society