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Oleg Shchelkunov took part in the VI Judicial Forum of the Ukrainian Advocates’ Association

On March 15, Oleg Shchelkunov, partner of GRECO Law Company, Chairman of the Consumer Protection Committee of the Ukrainian Advocates Association, and Olena Lolenko, attorney at law, took part in the VI JUDICIAL FORUM of the Ukrainian Advocates Association entitled “War Crimes. Compensation for Damages. Sanctions Cases. Features of Certain Categories of Cases”, organised by the Ukrainian Advocates Association.

During the organised event, a public discussion was held on the current state, issues of formation of judicial practice on recovery of damages caused by the military aggression of the Russian Federation and prospects of functioning of the judicial system of Ukraine under the influence of war.

In particular, the following issues were discussed during the three sessions:

– Courts 2024: the battle for independence;

– Challenges and peculiarities of martial law proceedings;

– War crimes. Compensation for damages. Sanction cases. Peculiarities of certain categories of cases.

Reference to the event: