About Us

GRECO is the first and leading law firm in Ukraine advising clients in the specialist field of environmental, natural resources and energy law

GRECO brings together expert and highly-qualified professional lawyers with a deep commitment to, and understanding of, this complex and ever-changing sector.

We are proud of GRECO’s environmental leadership in Ukraine as the country’s foremost centre of advocacy for ecology and energy law.

Our purpose is to provide our clients with the most effective and strategically successful private legal representation. We do not seek or reply upon donor grant funding; rather, in some projects, GRECO acts as a donor, or performs pro bono work for public good.

Our knowledge and understanding of the environmental situation and environmental law in Ukraine is second to none, as demonstrated by many years of success, including in class actions. We shape the development of the legislation and application of environmental law in Ukraine through hard work, innovation, creativity, adaptability, intellectual rigour and strong communications.

Our mission


We seek to make environmental law in Ukraine a ‘living instrument’, incorporating case law, accumulated experience from specific lawsuits and the practicalities of enforcement of environmental law.

To this end, we provide our clients with the highest quality legal services that meet international standards of private and corporate legal practice.

We are deeply convinced that environmental law can be and should be at the forefront of Ukraine’s legal development, providing the country with a strong and progressive corpus juris to become a modern, responsible state allied to the most demanding international standards in this field.

Our Practices

  • Litigation
  • Class Action
  • Criminal justice
  • Industrial ecology
  • Governing bodies
  • Investment projects
  • Legal audit
  • EIA
  • Advocacy support
  • Legislative initiatives
  • Eco-mediation
  • ADR

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Our Team



Managing partner

Lawyer since 2004. Specialisation: legal support of environmental investment projects…

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Oleh has more than 25 years of experience as a lawyer, including more than 15 years in…

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Doctor of Law, Professor of Taras Shevchenko National University, expert in public law…

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