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Matters related to class (group) actions in Ukraine first-ever revealed in The International Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG)

Matters on class (group) actions in Ukraine were first-ever revealed in the international handbook on comparative law ICLG, which provides up-to-date legal information about different jurisdictions in a Q&A format.

We are pleased that ICLG’s interest in relation to Class and Group Actions in Ukraine arose due to a positive practice build by our team in GRECO Law Company. The main details and conclusions described on Class and Group Actions, in particular, expert analysis of group actions’ practical application in Ukraine are available to international expert community and published in Guides. The publication of this material on ICLG portal became possible thanks to the efforts of the GRECO Law Company team, including Managing Partner Pavlo Kuftyryev and the company’s counselor, Artemii Vorobiov, who spoke in detail about a legislative regulation of class (group) actions in Ukraine and practical aspects of resolving such disputes. It is important that currently, during Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, international expert magazines give necessary attention to Ukraine and problems of Ukrainian legislation. The matter of a practical application of the class (group) actions mechanism in Ukraine has reached a global level with ICLG’s support, so international legal community has now an opportunity to get acquainted with Ukrainian legislation nuances and necessary changes to be implemented in order to regulate class (group) actions problem.

“It is great honor for me personally and for the entire team of Greco Law Company to be able to share our practical experience in application of class (group) actions in Ukraine with such respected and recognized British portal as The International Comparative Legal Guides. Due to a hard work of each member of our team and a practical experience we have gained, it became possible to incorporate class action lawsuits into Ukrainian judicial system. Class (group) actions matters in Ukraine are currently of a great relevance and require legislative regulation. At the time, Greco Law Company team was the first one in Ukraine to apply mechanism of class (group) actions to protect the rights of victims. This institution is still at a stage of its formation in Ukraine, and our team is making significant efforts for its further development. If talking about a large number of plaintiffs, for instance, in situations related to protecting the rights of victims affected by Russian military aggression, the institution of a class action appears to be the most effective mechanism for defending such interests.” – Pavlo Kuftyryev, Managing Partner of Greco Law Company mentioned.

You can read free online version of ICLG: Class and Group Actions 2023 following the link:…/class-and-group-actions-laws…/ukraine