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Pavlo Kuftyryev, managing partner of GRECO – Law Company, attended the EUROPEAN WEB3 SUMMIT

Today, in Brussels, the heart of the European Union, Pavlo Kuftyryev, the managing partner of GRECO – Law Company, attended a large-scale event: the First International Conference. EUROPEAN WEB3 SUMMIT.

EUROPEAN WEB3 SUMMIT has brought together European legislators, Web2 and Web3 industry leaders, and civil society groups to establish a trust-based dialogue between all stakeholders and to create a sustainable environment for Web3 in Europe.

Today, more than 20 high-profile speakers representing EU institutions, EU member states, and business, discussed a wide variety of topics related to Web3: from blockchain and DeFi to regulations and digital payments. Also, it is worth emphasizing the discussion of the issues related to investment funds and asset management.

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