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PO “Ukrspozhyvkontrol” and Greco Law Company announced the beginning of a strategic cooperation

In November 2022, the Public Organization Ukrspozhyvkontrol and Greco Law Company signed an exclusive agreement to provide full legal support for the interests of the public organization, protection of the rights of its members and representation in courts. Cooperation agreement was signed by the Chairman of the PO “Ukrspozhyvkontrol” Stanislav Predko and the partner of Greco Law Company Oleh Shchelkunov.

According to the document, Greco Law Companybecomes an exclusive legal partner of the PO “Ukrspozhyvkontrol”. The parties have agreed to jointly initiate processes to protect consumer rights and interests, namely, in preparation of class actions.

“2022 has become a difficult year for the whole country, but this does not mean that consumer rights have lost its relevance or have become out of time. The whole team of the PO “Ukrspozhyvkontrol” courageously continues the struggle to protect violated consumer rights and ensure control over their execution. Our mission is to protect the rights of an ordinary Ukrainian. We are thrilled to announce the beginning of a fruitful cooperation with GRECO Law Company, a leading law firm in Ukraine specializing in class action claims. Issues that we deal with every day, related to implementation of such mechanism of the rights protection, is meticulous legal work that requires special knowledge and professional experience in the sphere of law. The PO “Ukrspozhyvkontrol” believes that thanks to a great support and legal assistance provided by GRECO Law Company team, consumer rights protection in Ukraine will reach a qualitatively new level.”- Stanislav Predko, Chairman of the PO “Ukrspozhyvkontrol” mentioned.

In turn, Oleh Shchelkunov, GRECO Law Company partner, stressed that this is a new stage for his company, too.

“Today, GRECO Law Company is the only law firm in Ukraine that has been successfully leading cases on consumer rights protection through the mechanism of class actions. The company’s team was the first one ever in Ukrainian history to initiate a class action lawsuit that helped residents of Vasylkiv town, who were harmed in a result of a fire at an oil storage facility in the village of Kryachky (Vasylkiv district), to receive monetary compensation for the damage caused.

Therefore, it is an obvious step for us to combine our efforts with such a proactive public organization that protects consumer rights.” – Oleh Shchelkunov added.

While concluding the agreement, the parties have also shared that a major class action lawsuit against one of the world’s largest companies is to be announced soon. “I can’t reveal the details yet, but it will be a process that has never been initiated in Ukraine. We communicate a lot with our foreign colleagues and aim to bring to Ukraine the best experience in consumer rights protection.” – Oleh Shchelkunov said.


The PO “Ukrspozhyvkontrol” is one of the largest public organizations in Ukraine that deals with consumer rights protection matters. It has branches in 14 regions of Ukraine.

GRECO Law Company is the first law firm in Ukraine to specialize in consumer rights protection using the mechanism class action claims. Oleh Shchelkunov is a partner of the company, who also leads the Committee on consumer rights protection of the Ukrainian Bar Association.