Practice Areas

GRECO is the first and leading law firm in Ukraine advising clients in the specialist field of environmental, natural resources and energy law



GRECO represents the interests of clients in courts of all jurisdictions and instances throughout Ukraine in cases with elements of environmental law, as well as in court cases relating to energy.

Working with our clients, we develop strategies for litigation, prepare procedural documents, participate in court hearings and provide legal support of court enforcement procedures.

GRECO lawyers have extensive experience in litigation, both to protect the violated environmental rights of citizens and to protect the interests of environmentally responsible industrial producers facing litigation in court.

Class action


GRECO is the only law firm in Ukraine that employs specialists with a unique organisational and legal methodology for supporting class action (group) lawsuits.

We are proud that our team includes lawyers who were involved in filing the first lawsuit in Ukraine in the interests of several thousand victims. The pursuit of eco-litigation is of interest to local communities, the public sector, activists, political parties and movements and other elements of civil society.

GRECO lawyers combine the skills of pre-judicial organisational work prior to filing a class action lawsuit, the methodology of administering lawsuits with a large number of plaintiffs and defendants, and collecting appropriate and admissible evidence in the field of mass violations of environmental rights.

Advocacy and protection in the field of criminal justice


The experience of GRECO lawyers enables them to competently and comprehensively represent the interests of victims of environmental crimes, and to protect clients unjustifiably suspected or accused of committing crimes against the environment.

GRECO’s lawyers have an enviable record of successfully representing the interests of their clients, both at the stage of pre-judicial investigation and beyond to judicial review of criminal environmental cases.

Industrial ecology


GRECO provides legal support to industrial and manufacturing companies in the field of environmental relations.

We provide legal assistance in the implementation of green technologies, resource efficiency measures, environmental management, production regulations, quality standards and “environmental friendliness”

Representation of interests in governing bodies


GRECO lawyers are experts in preparing documents for obtaining permits and licences, certification and standardisation in the field of environmental policy, distribution, redistribution and use of natural resources, permits for special use of certain natural resources, limits and quotas, permits for permissible pollution or extraction of natural resources from the environment, and securing special conditions for certain activities that fall under special state environmental and legal regulation.

Additionally, GRECO lawyers manage their clients’ requirements for documentation related to state environmental policy, environmental control, consumer protection and other bodies of public administration and local self-government whose activities are related to environmental protection, natural resources and ensuring environmental security, saving our clients time and bureaucratic headaches.

Environmental legal support of investment projects


Our analysts at GRECO have experience in preparing legal opinions on the compliance of investment projects with the requirements of environmental legislation of Ukraine, both at the pre-project stage and at the stage of implementation of investment initiatives.

Analytical work includes analysis of existing risks for the investor in terms of compliance with environmental requirements of national legislation and proposing possible ways to achieve this goal in the implementation of investment plans, taking into account environmental standards and regulations as they exist and are likely to evolve.

Legal audit of ecological component


GRECO provides environmental legal assessments of ongoing, planned, pre-project and project activities of legal entities, institutions and organisations to determine the compliance of measures, conditions and management systems with environmental legislation.

Environmental audit can be carried out either independently by GRECO specialists, or in cooperation with other specialised organisations.

Environmental impact assessment


Environmental impact assessment is among our many areas of legal expertise that marks us out from other law firms in Ukraine.

Our lawyers provide legal support to environmental impact assessment procedures undertaken as part of a decision-making process.

We provide comprehensive assistance in developing plans for environmental impact assessment and the preparation and submission of documents, and we exercise legal supervision over the legality and validity of decision-making procedures by the competent authorities.

Advocacy support of environmental control measures


Our lawyers provide support to business entities that are subject to environmental inspections by environmental control bodies.

We provide quality representation of clients’ interests in communication with environmental control bodies during inspections, prepare documents and complaints, and represent the interests of our clients in court to amend or nullify the results of inspections.

We also provide advisory and representative assistance to the public sector in initiating environmental control measures, and in supporting government agencies to conduct full, appropriate legal inspections of violators of environmental legislation.

Regulatory and advocacy work for legislative initiatives


GRECO lawyers are first-class intellects, with the best academic degrees and qualifications. They participate in parliamentary working groups on drafting laws, and are included in drafting groups of ministries and agencies to develop environmental regulations to accompany legislation.

In addition, GRECO lawyers have independently developed draft legislation in the field of environmental protection, development and safety.

Eco-mediation, mediation, ADR


A unique area of GRECO’s practice is the provision of services for alternative methods of resolving environmental disputes: negotiation, conciliation, mediation, recourse to arbitration institutions, etc.

We pioneer and deploy modern approaches in the field of environmental dispute resolution, using an arsenal of techniques and best practices to resolve disputes, separate from the traditional litigation route.

GRECO mediators and intermediaries are able to organise high-level negotiations and participate in alternative procedures for a party to a conflict, ensuring the most effective representation of clients in the field of environmental protection, natural resources and environmental safety.

Pro bono


GRECO has implemented a broad programme of free legal aid (pro bono) in the field of environmental protection of citizens, communities and public associations.

The pro bono programme includes poor and vulnerable citizens, NGOs, environmental activists and volunteers facing challenges to assert and enforce their environmental rights.

The decision to accept a individual case on a pro bono basis is made by a general meeting of GRECO lawyers on the basis of a request.

Support of legal clinics


GRECO is aware of the crucial importance of legal education for the formation the next generation of professionals in the field of environmental law enforcement, because only practice secures the real effectiveness of legal norms and guaranteed protection of environmental rights.

Our experienced lawyers at GRECO are always happy to help young and dedicated colleagues, providing advice, helping to draft procedural documents and representation as appropriate.

The public sector


GRECO lawyers work closely with environmental NGOs.

We provide legal support to green NGOs in the implementation of their work in the field of environmental protection, and as lawyers we participate in the implementation of joint programmes. In some cases, we also provide donor assistance to NGOs to support their activities that cover environmental law.